Preseason Lowdown : Jacksonville Jaguars

preseason, football, teams, jaguars

preseason, football, teams, jaguars

What’s the story? 

Let’s just suffice it to say that when everyone is talking about your new uniforms rather than your team, it’s probably not the best omen. In other off the field news, the Jaguars have been voted most likely to move to Europe should NFL Europe take off, so there’s that.

Leader and commander:

Gus Bradley, a first time head coach who will hopefully fare better than the previous two head coaches, both of whom only lasted a single season. Apparently there is no room for error, Gus. Good luck!

New kid on the block:

Remember Marcus Trufant? He is now a Jag, and will be reunited with his former Seahawks defensive coordinator for the past 4 years: Gus Bradley.

Last year was…

…a new low. The team finished 2-14, the worst they’ve ever finished in franchise history.

Survey says:

Maybe fans should just be excited about the new uniforms and potential European travels and leave it at that. The Jags are currently holding down the 31st spot on the preseason power rankings. Just like last season’s record, they’re not at rock bottom…but they’re pretty dang close.

Author: Beka