Preseason Lowdown : Tennessee Titans

football, preseason, teams, titans

football, preseason, teams, titans

What’s the story? 

It’s been a rough few years for the Titans ever since the Jeff Fisher era came to a close. This year’s fate is sitting squarely atop the shoulders of QB Jake Locker, who will be playing his first full season (barring another injury) as a starter in his third year in the league.

Leader and commander:

Mike Munchak, who is in his third year as head coach and is probably coaching for his job this season (although, isn’t everyone?). Here’s your random trivia fact for the day: The Oilers (who are now the Titans – here’s a history refresher if you need one) retired Munchak’s number after an illustrious career as a player – so illustrious that he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

New kid on the block:

The Titans brought in a lot of new talent in this year’s draft, but perhaps the best of the bunch was their first round pick, Chance Warmack, out of Alabama. Tennessee thrives on it’s running game (and will need to rely on it if Locker struggles early) so bringing in a talented guard like Warmack for run blocking was a great move.

Last year was…

…fairly abysmal for a 6-10 season. The low point might have been their 55-7 loss to the Packers, in which they gave up 55 consecutive points en route to their 5th loss by 20 points or more…that season. Let’s just say no one was happy (except for Packers fans) after that game.

Survey says:

The Titans are perched at 27th in the preseason power rankings, which seems like the right landing spot for a team that has been less-than-mediocre for the past few years. It could be another rough ride with veritable rookie Locker at the helm, or it could be smooth sailing.

Isn’t that helpful?

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