Preseason Lowdown : Indianapolis Colts

preseason, football, teams, colts

preseason, football, teams, colts

What’s the story? 

The Colts took everyone by surprise last year, and have every intention of solidifying their status as real contenders again this year. With head coach Chuck Pagano back in good health and QB Andrew Luck getting into the groove of his second season, the Colts are poised to do battle with the Texans once again for the #1 spot in the AFC South.

Leader and commander:

Chuck Pagano, everyone’s favorite guy. It’s technically his second year as the Colts head coach but since he missed the majority of last season battling cancer this will be his first full year at the helm.

New kid on the block:

Pep Hamilton, the new offensive coordinator, will be taking over for now Cardinals head coach and former Colts OC Bruce Arians. Those are big shoes to fill, but 38-year old Hamilton already has a head start: he was Andrew Luck’s quarterbacks coach during his senior year at Stanford.

Last year was…

…a dream season. With a rookie QB and a rookie head coach who had to leave the team early in the season to fight cancer, no one would have guessed that the Colts would advance to 11-5 and challenge the Texans for the top spot in the AFC South.

Survey says:

The Colts have a good thing going. They are ranked 10th right now in the preseason power rankings. And aside from matchups with the Niners, Broncos, and divisional rival Texans, they have one of the easiest schedules in the league. It could be another magical season in Indy.

Author: Beka