Off the Field : Marcus Trufant

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A chapter has come to a quiet close in Seattle. Marcus Trufant, one of the best corners to ever play for the Seahawks and a staple of the franchise for the past 10 years, signed with the Jaguars last Tuesday.

Seahawks fans know Trufant as an exceptional player and an even better person. Just read this article from the Seahawks website; it couldn’t be brimming with more praise! And for good reason.

Marcus Trufant started his charity, the Trufant Family Foundation, when he was drafted by the Seahawks in 2003. He had a passion to help the community he was born and raised in – Tacoma, Washington, ironically enough! – and that passion has paid dividends for countless for children and their families. The Trufant Family Foundation provides college scholarships, youth camps, and fitness programs, as well as supports local and national organization.

Side note: the Trufant Family also has a firm foundation in the National Football League, with all three Trufant brothers currently on NFL rosters. Marcus is now with the Jags, Isaiah plays for the Jets, and Desmond was just drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.

Want to get to know them better? Check out this great video they did with a local elementary school:

Trufants, you guys are good people.

Marcus will certainly be missed on the field in Seattle next season, but he won’t be missed in the city. His hometown will still be well-supported through his influence and the great work done by his foundation.

Author: Beka