Preseason Lowdown : Philadelphia Eagles

football, preseason, teams, eagles

football, preseason, teams, eagles

What’s the story? 

The Eagles are hoping to take a cue from the Fast and Furious movies: they’ll be running a very quick offense and doing it with all kinds of hyped-up passion. However, they are probably hoping that each season is more successful than the last, unlike each of the never-ending Fast and Furious sequels. (Seriously. How many are we even up to now?)

Leader and commander:

Chip Kelly, successful long-time college coach at Oregon, in his first NFL head coaching job (which is also his first NFL job, period). He is taking over a team that is just emerging from a different era under a similarly successful long-time coach, Andy Reid. Kelly’s style is markedly different from Reid’s, in that watching Kelly’s offense is like watching a regular NFL game on fast forward. He is best known for his fast-paced, big-risk, highly-unconventional offense…and I can’t wait to see how that translates to an NFL field with NFL talent. As T.O. would say, get your popcorn ready.

New kid on the block:

That would be the aforementioned Chip Kelly. But they also picked up two notable players in the draft: QB Matt Barkley, who could potentially be their quarterback of the future (but probably not of this season, unless something goes haywire with Vick and Foles) and TE Zack Ertz, who could have an opportunity to be a big part of the offense right from the get-go.

Last year was…

…unbelievable in all the worst ways. After winning 3 of their first 4 games, the Eagles went on to lose 11 of their next 12. It was rough.

Survey says:

Good things come to those who wait, and this might be a season of waiting for the Eagles. It could take time to adjust to an unheard-of style of NFL play under the tutelage of a first-time NFL head coach. Philly is currently ranked 25th in the preseason power rankings for that reason. But one can hope that this new era is given time to play out because man…it could be something really special.

Author: Beka