Preseason Lowdown : Washington Redskins

football, preseason, teams, redskins

football, preseason, teams, redskins

What’s the story? 

There are lots of memories I wish I could erase from the NFL portion of my brain. It’d be nice to forget a few of those Brett Favre interceptions that cost us playoffs wins. I’d rather not think and/or talk about either of the Packers encounters with the 49ers last year. And even though I live in New York, I don’t want to discuss the New York Football Giants, who have had the Packers number for years. But right alongside of all those things is the visual of RGIII’s knee swinging around independent from the rest of his leg – not once, but twice. Every time I think about it my stomach flips around independent from the rest of my body. By all accounts, the electric QB is making a quick recovery from his second major knee surgery and will be wearing a brace all season to prevent possible setbacks. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not he can keep this up. Can he keep playing the way he plays and be a long-term franchise quarterback in the NFL? Let’s hope so, because he’s a lot of fun to watch.

Leader and commander:

Mike Shanahan, who is taking some heat from the aforementioned QB in what is really a non-controversy controversy. RGIII is a competitor. He wants to play as soon as possible. Mike Shanahan is a head coach. He wants his quarterback healthy as long as possible. That means no action in the preseason for Griffin, who has made his displeasure known. But once the regular season starts? Water under the bridge. This is a non-story, in my opinion.

New kid on the block:

That would be “kids” plural. Even without a first round pick (traded it to the Rams last year to pick RGIII second overall), they had a great draft, and a lot of those rookies could see significant playing time this season.

Last year was…

…way better than expected. The Redskins overcame a 3-6 start and won all 7 of their games after the bye week, leading them to their first NFC East title since 1999.

Survey says:

Watch out, NFC East. There’s a new powerhouse in town. The Redskins are ranked higher than any other NFC East team (11th, right in front of the Giants, who are ranked 12th), and for good reason. They have an experience head coach, a hungry starting QB, an excellent backup QB (Kirk Cousins) in the case RGIII has continued knee trouble, and a very talented backfield. They are the team to beat in this division.

Author: Beka