Preseason Lowdown : New York Giants

football, preseason, teams, new york

football, preseason, teams, new york

What’s the story? 

The Giants know how to win. They’ve proven that. But they also rely on last-minute victories and squeezing into the playoffs. They’ve proven that, too. In the past four seasons they’ve won one Super Bowl and missed the playoffs three times. A bit of an inconsistent showing for the G-men, who are always good, but not always great. The Giants will be hoping to swing on the other end of the trend this season after missing the playoffs last year.

Leader and commander:

Tom Coughlin, who is now a published author. I can’t wait to read his book (and then spend the rest of my life arriving to places on Coughlin Time).

New kid on the block:

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins (former Packer!) was brought in as a free agent from Philadelphia to replace Chris Canty, and he’s already making his presence known. He had a great start in the Giants first preseason game against his former team, the Eagles.

Last year was…

…an upset for the Giants, who missed the playoffs in a surprising coup by the Redskins. They learned that they can’t always rely on the patented Eli 4th quarter comeback and lost 5 of their last 8 games.

Survey says:

The Giants didn’t win their division in either of their past two Super Bowl winning seasons. They are rarely the clear-cut contenders to win it all – just look at those past two Super Bowl wins against the Patriots! It works because they are a well-coached team and a solid franchise, and that means they always have a chance. But it’ll take more than a good foundation and a few stunning last-minute wins to make it to the playoffs this season in a highly competitive division and conference.

Author: Beka