Preseason Lowdown : Dallas Cowboys

preseason, football, teams, cowboys

preseason, football, teams, cowboys

What’s the story? 

Tony Romo got paid. Jason Garrett got demoted (but not necessarily in a bad way). Rob Ryan got the ax. And everybody got pretty uncomfortable (as evidenced by the fact that the ‘boys hold training camp in Oxnard, California and are clearly roughing it out there…amongst the palm trees).

Leader and commander:

Jerry Jones Jason Garrett.

New kid on the block:

Monte Kiffin might be new on this block, but he is hardly new to the NFL. Kiffin is a legendary defensive coach. (Remember him from the Tampa 2 post?) He is the Cowboys new defensive coordinator and will certainly bring something special to the table in his return to the NFL. If the Cowboys have anything good going on this year, it’s this.

Last year was…

More of the same: 8-8. The Romo-haters blame him for the mediocre season, but really, it was a team effort. They tended to fall apart at all of the worst moments.

Survey says:

The future could be brighter, Cowboys fans. The NFC East has reinstated itself as one of the best divisions in the league. Each team poses their own unique threat: the Giants are proven winners, the Redskins have RGIII, and the Eagles might run so many plays per game under Chip Kelly’s new system that other teams forfeit from sheer exhaustion. The Cowboys? Monte Kiffin is an interesting addition at defensive coordinator, and Romo is always good (embrace it, people). But that spark that will carry them into the playoffs and beyond? That has yet to be seen from America’s team, and is the reason why they are currently ranked at number 20.

Author: Beka