Preseason Lowdown : Oakland Raiders

football, preseason, teams, raiders

football, preseason, teams, raiders

What’s the story? 

There are two sides to every story, but the upside in the Raiders story is a lead that doesn’t need any help getting buried. But let’s celebrate it anyway! With former Packer Charles Woodson (pardon my sobbing) returning to Oakland to hold down the secondary, rookie cornerback D.J. Hayden starting to learn the ropes, and a young but potentially talented defensive line in the works, the Raiders look like they might be returning to historic form on defense. On offense…that’s another story altogether.

Leader and commander:

Dennis Allen, who is in his second year as the Raiders head coach. Allen is a defensively-minded coach with lots of experience with the secondary, and you can see how that unit is already growing under his leadership.

New kid on the block:

I’m personally invested in Matt Flynn, the newcomer at quarterback, because he used to be a backup QB for the Packers. I want to see him succeed. Let’s hope that happens. If it doesn’t, former Ohio State Buckeye Terrelle Pryor may get a few starts at QB. Either way, it doesn’t look especially promising for the Oakland offense (sorry, Matt).

Last year was…

…not different from the last 5 seasons in which they also finished 3rd in the AFC West, but better than 4 prior to that, in which they finished fourth. You’ve gotta take your optimism where you can get it.

Survey says:

With the Chiefs looking better than average, the Raiders might be battling with the Chargers for last place in the division this year. However, according to the preseason power rankings they have a solid hold on the lead in that race, coming in at 29th overall.

Author: Beka