Preseason Lowdown : Kansas City Chiefs

football, preseason, teams, chiefs

football, preseason, teams, chiefs

What’s the story? 

Hang in there, Chiefs fans; your time is coming soon. With a new head coach, new starting quarterback, and a boatload of talent on the roster, things are starting to look up for the geographically-challenged Chiefs (AFC West? Really, NFL?).

Leader and commander:

Andy Reid! Andy Reid! The long-time Eagles head coach will be taking the helm of Kansas City’s ship, and I think that only good things are in store for him and the team. He’s a proven winner.

New kid on the block:

Alex Smith, jettisoned former Niners QB who got the ax in San Fran after Colin Kaepernick became, well, Colin Kaepernick. It’s a fresh start for Smith, who deserves a new chance and wholehearted support more than just about anybody.

Last year was…

…just terrible, in so many ways. Beyond the 2-14 record in a division that is pretty awful to begin with, the Chiefs suffered a huge tragedy and had a fairly disheartening show of no support from fans. It’s hard to imagine a worse season than the season Kansas City had in 2012, all things considered.

Survey says:

Happy days are here again. The Chiefs, in my opinion, might have been the most talented team to ever go 2-14, and almost all of that talent in still on the roster. It might be a bit of an adjustment year (they are currently ranked to reflect that at 22nd), but it’s hard to imagine that a team with such a high caliber of players and coaches will go anywhere but up.

Author: Beka