Preseason Lowdown : New England Patriots

football, patriots, preseason, teams

football, patriots, preseason, teams

What’s the story? 

If you don’t know the story, you might not live in this country. And if 9 months ago someone had told you that Tim Tebow would join the Patriots and that wouldn’t be the story, you might have asked them what they were smoking. It’s been an uncharacteristically tumultuous offseason for the Pats.

Leader and commander:

The Hoodie. Always and forever.

New kid on the block:

It’s more about who’s not on the block for the Patriots. Namely, their top 5 receivers: Wes Welker (Denver), Danny Woodhead (Chargers), Brandon Lloyd (released), Rob Gronkowski (injured), and Aaron Hernandez (prison). However, if anyone is going to throw a deep ball to and will a receiver into existence out of thin air, it’s Tom Brady. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, Pats fans. 12 has your back.

Last year was…

…something new and different for the Patriots: their first AFC Championship loss at home. The Ravens, who won that game, went on to win the Super Bowl.

Survey says:

Even sans-receivers, the Patriots will still win the division. They are just that good, that well-coached. Which is why despite everything stacked against them, they’re still ranked 6th in the preseason power rankings. That’s what you get when you have The Hoodie on your side.

Author: Beka