Preseason Lowdown : Miami Dolphins

football, preseason, miami

Preseason Lowdown : Miami Dolphins

football, preseason, miami

What’s the story? 

Miami put the pedal to the medal this offseason, picking up quite a few big name free agents. It’s kind of like they went on one of those extreme makeover shows (and have the new logo to prove it).

Leader and commander:

Second-year head coach and former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

New kid on the block:

The biggest one is probably former Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, who garnered a surprising amount of attention (and cash money) as a free agent this offseason.

Last year was…

…good enough for second in the division at 7-9, but far enough away from first (the Patriots, 12-4) that it didn’t really matter. (And while we’re talking about last year, let’s pause and remember this moment, just for fun.)

Survey says:

The Dolphins are ranked 18th in this year’s preseason polls, due largely to the introduction of a bevy of new talent. And if there were a year for the ‘phins to finally pull ahead of the Pats, you’d think it’d be this year, with the two teams having decidedly opposite offseasons. However, if anything is true of the AFC East, it’s likely this: never underestimate the Hoodie.

Author: Beka