Resources : Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

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For all of you fantasy footballers out there, draft time is approaching. And luckily, ESPN is going to help you with the process.

As a general rule, you’re going to want to draft your high-scorers in the first round. This usually means taking the best available quarterback or running back. After that, it’s up to you, but I always like the approach of taking the best player on the board. To do that, use this Top 300 list. Cross off the players as they’re drafted and then go with the best available player at the position you need when it’s your turn to pick.

If you’re more of a by-team or by-position drafter, check out the first two cheat sheets on this list.

For those of you who want to play fantasty football but aren’t looking to get knee-deep in draft strategy, try checking out a Pick ‘Em league. All you have to do is guess the winners and losers of each game every week. It’s easy and fun!

If you are on the fence about playing fantasy football: DO IT! Seriously, do it. Playing in my first league a few years ago gave me a whole new appreciation for and interest in the games every week. You’ll be invested in a way that you wouldn’t be otherwise and you’ll learn so much. No matter what kind of league you join (and if your friends/family/coworkers don’t want to play, there are always free leagues to join online), just join one! Any one!

You’ve got nothing to lose except time and sanity and everything to gain.

Now go have fun!