This Week…Midterm!

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Can you even believe we’ve been at this for 4 weeks now? Oh my word! We are officially at the halfway point of training camp!!! Since we’ve consumed a deluge of information so far, I think it’s a good time to review. And by review, I mean have a test.

A midterm.

Now, midterms aren’t so bad, right? Especially when the semester is only 8 weeks long? Especially when you can use your notes? Especially when you can win a $20 gift card to Target?

Oh, yes, it’s true! This little midterm comes with it’s own built-in scholarship. Whoever receives the highest score (or, whomever is randomly chosen among those who receive the highest scores) will win a Target gift card of their very own. Because nothing speaks to a woman’s heart quite like free money to burn at Target.

All you have to do is study, leave your answers in the comments section, and wait for the results to be announced next week.


Anything we’ve covered in the past 4 weeks of training camp is fair game. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

The Basics

The Players

The Location

Schedule and Game Timing

Game Play

The AFC Divisions

The AFC North

The AFC South

The AFC East

The AFC West

We’ve also had four quizzes:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

And don’t forget about the miscellaneous posts like this one, too!

The test will consist of questions from old training camp quizzes and new questions too, so study everything!

TEST DATE: Thursday, August 30th

ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday, September 4th

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, September 5th (opening day of the regular season!!!)

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, pop some popcorn and get to work!

GOOD LUCK!!! I know you will all be A+ students!