Media Day

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Today is Super Bowl Media Day. It’s the day when the players and staff of both teams are available to all media outlets for questions of all kinds. Which means it’s a circus of mayhem under very loose control.

So today, we’re having our own version of Media Day. It’s bound to keep a much tighter grasp on reality. Here are some resources for more information on this year’s Super Bowl:

The Game

The Matchup

47 Reasons to Watch Super Bowl 47

Five Keys to Super Bowl 47

Super Bowl Q&A with John Clayton

The Harbaughs

Jim Harbaugh: NFL Quarterback

Pre-game sounds from the first meeting of the Harbaugh brothers last Thanksgiving

The brothers Harbaugh, mic’d.

Harbaugh Family conference call transcript

A snippet from Andrea Kramer’s HBO interview with the Harbaughs

Jack Harbaugh (Jim and John’s father) talking about Colin Kaepernick

The Ravens

Steve Sabol sits down with Ed Reed

A look back at Torrey Smith’s emotional game against the Patriots

Joe Flacco’s Delaware career (including the Albany game that almost got him benched)

A true player’s coach

The incredible story of O.J. Brigance

Ray Lewis

The Short One

The Medium One

The Long One

The 49ers

Memorable moments in 49ers Super Bowl history

…and it’s a pretty impressive history

Colin Kaepernick’s 4th grade letter predicting the future

Jim Harbaugh seeking sage advice (My favorite part? “I just know that the team that complains the most usually loses.”)

Randy Moss has another chance for a ring, but it seems like he’s already achieved redemption

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