Wait…What Just Happened? : The Pro Bowl

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football, games, bowlThere are no real plays to break down today because yesterday was the Pro Bowl and complexity and controversy are not part of the Pro Bowl code. But that’s ok! Because we get 21 weeks of highly competitive football; we can have one week that is still competitive, but fun at the same time.

Just in case Roger Goodell decides that this is the end of the road, I want to remember this year’s game. Here were 10 of my favorite moments from yesterday’s Pro Bowl:

  1. The kids playing ukulele at the opening. Oh, my heart. 
  2. Brian McKnight should really sing the national anthem at every game for every sport. Including little league and Pop Warner. He did a phenomenal job.
  3. No Hawaiian shirts?! What’s up with that, Pro Bowl?! These people on the sidelines won’t make me laugh repeatedly for the next 3 weeks every time I remember them!
  4. One minute: scrolling through Twitter. Next minute: look up and see J.J. Watt on offense. It’s stuff like this that makes me love the Pro Bowl. When else are you going to see the (likely) Defensive Player of the Year take a snap at tight end?
  5. One minute: scrolling through Twitter. Next minute: look up and see J.J. Watt displaying some Halloween gore on his hands/face/jersey. Showing a ripped up finger to the camera as proof for the commish that this year’s Pro Bowl is being played hard? Well played, JJ. Nicely done.
  6. Getting to watch the last snap ever between legendary pair Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning was such a special moment. That’s reason enough to keep the Pro Bowl around, in my opinion.
  7. Ed Hochuli with the calls, and the commentary: “Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl.”
  8. Getting to see Larry Fitzgerald catch real passes for touchdowns (sorry, Arizona QB’s).
  9. A free play on a kicking penalty that ends with a punter chasing down and WWF tackling a safety; Phil Dawson’s backwards soccer trick kick; JJ Watt lining up for a second offensive snap which ended up getting picked: things you only see in the Pro Bowl.
  10. The wonder that is Peyton Manning, coaching players throughout the entire game, both on and off the field. He might be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Pro Bowl, and the most convincing advocate for it’s continued existence.

It’s never a bad day when the NFC puts on a dominate performance. Final Score: AFC 35, NFC 62.

Big surprise without the surprise: I really enjoyed the Pro Bowl this year. People can rip it and say it’s a joke, but it’s honestly something I look forward to every year. And it seemed like the players really made an effort this year; I’ll have my fingers crossed all offseason that it was enough!

How about you guys? Did you watch the Pro Bowl? Did you enjoy it?

Author: Beka