Things That Matter : It’s Aaron

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I love my quarterback. (Even his fractured collarbone which will keep me up at night for the next 4-6 weeks.)

But more than that, I love people loving on other people. Which is why we are taking a break from the x’s and o’s today to spend a minute focusing on things that matter more than football.

I know we’ve talked about Aaron Rodgers’ work with the MACC fund before, but I had to show you these new videos from Season 2 of It’s Aaron. They’re just so good. It’s great to see someone with a platform highlighting awesome organizations like Operation Dream and Independence First, but it’s just as great to see amazing kids get their chance to shine.

Take a few minutes out to watch these today, and when you do, think about how you can make a similar impact in your own circle of influence – even if you aren’t Aaron Rodgers.  And for the record, let’s note that it appears as though Aaron Rodgers has a Yankee Candle air freshener in the vehicle he is driving. He’s just a normal guy. A normal guy with a car jar who happens to have a high profile job but still finds ways to do things that matter.

All of us normal people can find ways to help out, too. If you know of an individual (in the football world or otherwise) or an organization that is doing work that matters give them a shout out in the comments!

Author: Beka