Off the Field : Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers isn’t just my favorite quarterback on the field, he’s also my (totally unbiased) favorite off the field, too. He’s not a fanfare guy and is probably the only high-profile quarterback who doesn’t have his own website, but chooses instead to quietly helps people behind the scenes.

One outreach initiative he’s been involved with recently is the It’s Aaron series for the MACC Fund. The Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer was founded in 1976 to provide funding for scientific research. Besides significantly contributing to groundbreaking research that helps kids every day, they also go above and beyond to make families feel supported while battling cancer through a variety of special events and fundraising initiatives.

I’m going to stop writing so that you can start watching, but I really have to implore you to watch all three videos. I’ve seen them all so many times but without fail, I always burst into tears as soon as the kids open their front door, completely unsuspecting, to see Aaron Rodgers standing on their front step.

It’s so wonderful.

Author: Beka