Draft Week Profiles : Five Players To Cheer For

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I love watching the draft. It’s so powerful to watch the moment when someone realizes that all of the hard work was worth it. Who doesn’t love watching dreams coming true? Plus, with Roger Goodell as commissioner, it’s almost as fun to watch the congratulatory hugs as it is to find out who will be drafted next.

(Drafted later than expected? Not to worry. The intensity and duration of The Goodell Hug increases as the draft goes on, so he’s got your back. Literally.)

But in every draft, there are a few players who inspire you to cheer a little louder. I’m sure there are more great guys out there with great stories, but these five come to mind (as well as the aforementioned Walter Stewart) as players to feel good about rooting for come draft day.

Shariff Floyd
Position: Defensive Tackle
School: Florida
Projected Round: First

D.J. Hayden
Position: Cornerback
School: Houston
Projected Round: First

Rex Burkhead
Position: Running Back
School: Nebraska
Projected Round: Late (5-7)

Marcus Lattimore
Position: Running Back
School: South Carolina
Projected Round: Mid (3-5)

Jarvis Jones
Position: Outside Linebacker
School: Georgia
Projected Round: First

Author: Beka