Review and Preview : Week 8

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football, news, week 8



On Monday we went through our weekly roundup.

On Tuesday we reviewed the first half of the season in the AFC.

On Wednesday we repeated the process, but for the NFC.

On Thursday we remembered all of the things we’ve learned but may have forgotten.


Normal Girl Game of the Week

Bears at Packers, MNF on ESPN

Not only is this game a classic rivalry game, but it’s also the only Week 9 matchup that features two teams with winning records. (Seriously. Week 9’s lame factor is a little on the high side.) The Bears will be facing the Pack at home without key starters on offense and defense (Cutler and Briggs, respectively), so it might be a bit of a lopsided affair – however, it’s not like the Packers are coming in with fresh starters, either. This should be a decent Monday Nighter.

Also on the Radar:

1. Two competitive divisional matchups that used to favor the other team: Falcons at Panthers and Colts at Texans. It would be a surprise if the previous (recent) underdogs – Carolina and Indy – didn’t come away with wins.

2. Speaking of competitive divisional matchups: Ravens at Browns is not the sure win for Baltimore that it once was. The Browns have a real chance to win this one.

3. Can the Chiefs stay unbeaten? They play the Bills in Buffalo this week. I would be surprised if this turns out to be an easy win for KC, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they do come away with a win to reach 9-0.

Author: Beka