Halfway Point : NFC

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Today we’re moving on to the NFC, and unfortunately we have to start this party with the worst division in the history of ever: the NFC East.

NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys (4-4)

There really are no words for this. One would assume that the Cowboys can’t stay in first place to win this division based on their wildly inconsistent play and propensity to lose games in the weirdest ways, but one has not surveyed the rest of the teams in this division yet. Just you wait.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

The NFC East is a place in which you can lose ten consecutive home games and score zero offensive points in your last matchup…and still be poised to win the division.

3. Washington Redskins (2-5)

RG3 looks a little more like himself with each passing week, which should be encouraging for Redskins fans in an otherwise discouraging season.

4. New York Giants (2-6)

That the Giants lost their first six games, look like a hott mess, and still have a legitimate shot to get to first place in the division should paint an accurate picture of the NFC East. It boggles the mind. And then boggles it again.

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers (5-2)

After starting the season 1-2 the Packers have bounced back and are on a 4-game win streak. They have a hospital ward’s worth of injuries to overcome, but with Aaron Rodgers under center the Packers always have a chance.

2. Detroit Lions (5-3)

Did you see the end of the game against the Cowboys? That’s how the Lions are doing right now. Which is to say: pretty darn good.

3. Chicago Bears (4-3)

Losing quarterback Jay Cutler to a groin injury was a tough break for the Bears, who were on a bit of a roll. He’s projected to be out for another few weeks…when they play two divisional foes in the next two weeks, the Packers on Monday Night Football and the Lions. It’s a tall order.

4. Minnesota Vikings (1-6)

Vikes = Yikes. It’s been a rough start for a team that made the playoffs that year.

NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints (6-1)

The Saints are marching into first place in this division and a consequent spot in the playoffs, barring a crazy turn of events in the NFC South.

2. Carolina Panthers (4-3)

This team is legit – two of those losses could have easily been wins. And their schedule for the rest of the season isn’t terrible. There’s definite playoff potential for the Panthers this year if they keep playing the way they’ve been playing.

3. Atlanta Falcons (2-5)

I’m not sure which perennial playoff meltdown is more surprising: the Giants or the Falcons. The wheels have really come off in Atlanta, which is really too bad to see in tight end Tony Gonzalez’s last season.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7)

It’s safe to say that between the MRSA outbreak and giving former starting quarterback Josh Freeman the heave-ho it’s been the worst of times in Tampa Bay. To make worse matters worse: The Bucs next game is against the Seahawks…in Seattle, where no visiting team has won this season…or last.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks (7-1)

If the aforementioned Seahawks continue their home win streak and grab the top spot in the NFC for home field advantage in the playoffs, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which they don’t go straight to the Super Bowl as a result.

2. The San Francisco 49ers (6-2)

These 49ers don’t look quite as dominant as the 49ers who went to the Super Bowl last year. The second half of their schedule is far from light, either – especially considering that every team in the NFC West is competitive.

3. Arizona Cardinals (4-4)

This Cardinals defense means business. And with a bye week then Houston then Jacksonville it’s completely possible that the Cardinals could be in contention for a wildcard spot come playoff time. Let’s pause for a moment and realize that three out of the four teams in this division are legitimate playoff contenders. The NFC West is no joke.

4. St. Louis Rams 

The bad news is that starting quarterback Sam Bradford is out for the rest of the season. The good news is that the St. Louis Cardinals are in the World Series.

Ok NFC people, you’re up! How’s the season gone for you so far? Thoughts on the second half?

Author: Beka