News and Notes : 5.24.13

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The long weekend is so close! Here’s this week’s Five on Friday to tide you over until then:

1. We get to look forward to 3 more weeks of draft projections next year. The draft will be May 15-17, 2014. It’s essentially the league’s attempt to elongate NFL hype into one big event per month in the offseason…but really, how much more can the draft possibly be talked about before people start to lose it? Other changes: the league awarded Super Bowls to cities this week…but failed to award dates. They’ve asked the venues to leave the first three weekends in February open. Now, this causes one to wonder…why, Roger? Why? The Super Bowl has always been on the first weekend in February. But the winds of change are blowing in the NFL, and this latest move seems like it’s blowing in the direction of 18 game seasons. (And for the record – I’m not at all in favor of this. Even though it means more football! It’s just too much wear and tear on the players, and too much greed by the NFL.)

2. The two Super Bowls that were awarded: San Fran and Houston. San Francisco gets to have an anniversary bowl – the 50th Super Bowl – in their new Santa Clara stadium (the aforementioned Field of Jeans).

3. Also aforementioned: our veterans have all made decisions for next season. Dwight Freeney is a Charger, Charles Woodson is going back from whence he came as a Raider, and Brian Urlacher is calling it a career after 13 phenomenal seasons with the Bears. No doubt he’ll walk right into the Hall in 5 years.

4. Unfortunate news for the Niners this week: Michael Crabtree tore his achilles during OTAs and is likely to miss the whole season. Ouch, literally.

5. RG3 was back on the field yesterday, taking snaps at Redskins team OTAs. He’s way ahead of schedule for recovery…but who’s surprised by that? Both he and the team are shooting for an opening day return. Let’s hope he makes a strong comeback!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone! See you Monday!

Author: Beka