History Lesson : One Yard Short

football, history, one yard

Remember the Music City Miracle? The play that sent to Titans to Super Bowl 34? They were in need of another miracle in that game, but it was the Rams who came up on the receiving end.

Most Super Bowls don’t come down to a final play in the red zone. This one did. The Titans were on the Rams 10-yard line. The score was 23-16. The time on the clock was 00:06.

In the waning seconds of the miraculous game before, it was Frank Wycheck to Kevin Dyson to Super Bowl. This time around it was the same cast of characters, but a much different outcome.

The plan was for Frank Wycheck to run straight up the field to draw attention away from Dyson, who would be running into the end zone for the touchdown. It didn’t quite go according to plan. Rams linebacker Mike Jones stayed with Wycheck…until he saw Dyson catch the ball. He then turned and made The Tackle that will live in infamy for St. Louis, and caused the One Yard that Tennessee will never forget.

A play has probably never been quite so accurately described as, “so close, and yet so far.”

Author: Beka