Living In a Vision

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I’m going to shamelessly plead with you to live in a vision.

Please, please, please take 1 minute and 48 seconds of your day to watch this video of Chuck Pagano’s beyond-inspiring post game speech to the Colts. It will make all of the difference in your Monday.

Here’s the transcript, from the NFL website:

“I mentioned before the game that you guys were living in a vision, and you weren’t living in circumstances. Because you know where they had us in the beginning. Every last one of them. But you refused to live in circumstances and decided consciously as a team and as a family to live in a vision.

“I’ve got circumstances. You guys understand it. I understand it. It’s already beat. It’s already beat. My vision that I’m living is to see two more daughters get married, dance at their weddings and then hoist that Lombardi (trophy) several times.”

Can he get an Amen?! What an amazing man. Let’s continue to lift Coach Pagano and his family up in prayer as he heads into his next round of cancer treatment. We wish you all the best, Coach!