What To Know : Week 9

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Here’s what we need to know in week 9 of the NFL regular season:

GAME OF THE WEEK: I have a love/hate relationship with this pick…but I’m saying Cowboys at Falcons. The Falcons are still undefeated, and the Cowboys still find ways to make big comebacks…and then lose. It’s like bad reality tv…you know the result but you just can’t help watching the inevitable unfold. But if the Cowboys could summon all of their talent and give the Falcons a run for their money, it’ll be a great game. Second pick: the suddenly relevant Dolphins at Colts game. Who knew either team would be in the playoff conversation at this point of the season?

PLAYER TO WATCH: Michael Vick. After last week’s post-bye meltdown, he needs to have a statement game against the Saints on Monday.

STORYLINE TO KNOW: Steelers at Giants. This game has the potential to do for NYC what the first Sunday of football after 9/11 did for the country. Whether you like football or not, competitive sports do something to unite people. It’s a symbol of perseverance and teamwork, two attributes that will be much needed in the coming months of disaster relief. I can’t even begin to understand the desperation those who have been affected by Sandy are feeling, but hopefully this is a game that will inspire a little hope in the city and its surrounding areas.


Let’s call this edition Things to Make with Leftover Candy

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halloween blondies

monster cookies

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