Preseason Lowdown : St. Louis Rams

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What’s the story? 

When it comes down to it, the regular season record is what determines a team’s fate. But those numbers rarely tell the whole story, and that’s certainly the case with the St. Louis Rams. They ended the season 7-8-1 in 2012 – but that 1 at the end? A tie with the 49ers, who would go on to play in the Super Bowl, who they would go on to beat in their second match up. But the Rams didn’t just beat the 49ers once. They also beat the Seahawks once and the Cardinals twice. Those in-division games are worth more than any others, and the fact that the Rams are competitive with the highly talented NFC West speaks volumes.

Leader and commander:

Jeff Fisher, former long-time Titans head coach, who will lead this team to the playoffs and potentially beyond one day. Mark it down. This guy’s a winner.

New kid on the block:

The Rams kill it in the draft every year, and this year was no different. They moved up in the first round to take Tavon Austin, wide receiver out of West Virginia, who has the potential to be the next great Rams receiver in a long line of all-time great Rams receivers.

Last year was…

…a great first year under a new head coach. To be that successful in the division was a huge accomplishment for Jeff Fisher and the Rams.

Survey says:

The Rams have so many pieces of the puzzle – a franchise QB, a lot of offensive and defensive talent, potentially the best kicker in the league, and a legendary head coach. Now they just need to get all of those pieces to work together cohesively. If they can, there’s no reason why they can’t be a major threat to the rest of the teams in the NFC West. They are currently ranked 15th.

Author: Beka