Preseason Lowdown : Seattle Seahawks

football, preseason, teams, seahawks

football, preseason, teams, seahawks

What’s the story? 

Some of us might still be a little bitter about what transpired between the Seahawks and the Packers on September 24th, 2012. Some of us will try to let that go for 30 minutes to write this post. But no guarantees.

That being said…the story with the Seahawks? It looks pretty dang good. The land of the 12th man has prospered under the direction of head coach Pete Carroll. They’ve found an unlikely franchise QB who took the NFL by storm last year and have some of the best players in the league on their roster – 6 of whom were elected to the Pro Bowl last year. They also have the greatest home field advantage in the league; it’s incredibly tough to win on the road in Seattle.

Leader and commander:

The aforementioned Pete Carroll, who would probably be best friends with rival NFC West head coach and former rival college coach Jim Harbaugh if they weren’t arch enemies due to their similarly over-the-top competitive natures. But it’s probably good that they aren’t best buds. All of that intensity in one space may cause the world to spontaneously implode.

New kid on the block:

Percy Harvin, who was traded by the Vikings to Seattle early in the offseason. The good news: the Seahawks need a talented wide receiver, and Harvin could potentially meet that need. The bad news: Harvin needed hip surgery late in the offseason, and there is no timetable for his return to the field. He may or may not see significant playing time this season; it all depends on how his recovery goes.

Last year was…

…a stunning success. The Seahawks improved on their 7-9 2011 record by going 11-5 (cough…10-6…) in 2012. They won their wildcard playoff game on the road against the Redskins and nearly won the divisional game against the Falcons the following week. Not too shabby for a team that hadn’t won a playoff game on the road in nearly 30 years.

Survey says:

How high is the ceiling for this unexpectedly successful bunch? How does #1 sound? That’s where ESPN has the Seahawks ranked in their preseason power rankings, and it’s hard to disagree with their assessment. Good offense + good defense + good coaching + unbeatable home field advantage, literally good enough for all 8 (cough…7…) home wins last season = huge opportunity to win it all.

Author: Beka