Preseason Lowdown : Minnesota Vikings

preseason, football, teams, vikings

preseason, football, teams, vikings

What’s the story? 

Can we skip this post? I know as a Packers fan, I’m supposed to hate the Bears. It’s the rivalry to end all rivalries. But honestly, if I had to pick my least favorite team in all of football, the team that makes my blood boil, it would be the Vikings. If for no other reason than because they can never seem to find their own players.

However…I’ll put that aside for a few minutes to write this post, if for no other reason than a deep appreciation for Leslie Frazier and Adrian Peterson. Who, speaking of, is pretty much the story this season. AP came back from injury last season like no player we’ve ever seen before. He literally ran the Vikings into the playoffs and nearly beat Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. His jaw-dropping post-injury performance earned him an onslaught of offseason awards, including league MVP, and it’s his goal to have an even better season this year with his sights set on breaking the Dickerson record. He is the key to the Vikings success in 2013.

Leader and commander:

Leslie Frazier. I can’t not like him just because he’s the Vikings coach because he seems like the greatest guy. Unfortunately, rumor has it that he might be coaching for his life this year. (Prediction that I don’t want to make but will make anyway because I keep thinking about it: If the Vikings have a bad year and Frazier is let go, I could see the Vikings hiring former Bears head coach Lovie Smith to take his place. Just something to ponder (or Ponder).)

New kid on the block:

Former Packer (wait…what? the Vikings hire former Packers???) Greg Jennings, who will have a lot of catching up to do on the field to match all the talking he’s done off the field. He was brought in to fill the hole at wide receiver left by Percy Harvin, who was traded to Seattle. To his credit, Jennings is a talented receiver. But he’ll have to get out of the bitter barn to make anything happen in purple this season.

Last year was…

…All About Adrian. 10-6 and a playoff appearance all thanks to #28.

Survey says:

Are the Vikings going to compete with the Packers for the top spot in the NFC North? Probably not. But are they talented enough to have a winning record that leads to another playoff appearance? Probably so, as long as AP stays on his otherworldly track and Christian Ponder holds down the fort at quarterback. The Vikes are currently hanging out in the middle of the NFL pack at 17th.

Author: Beka