Preseason Lowdown : Cleveland Browns

football, preseason, teams, browns

football, preseason, teams, browns

What’s the story? 

What is the story with the Browns? On one hand, things look bleak. Their owner could be facing federal charges and they’re starting over (again) with a new head coach (again). But on the other hand, the Browns have a real opportunity to excel this season. It might not seem like it at first glance, being in the same division as the reigning Super Bowl champions, legendary Steelers, and popular pick Bengals, but all of those teams have exposed Achilles’ heels. This could be the Browns time to shine – and they just might have the talent to do so.

Leader and commander:

First-year head coach (with the team and the position) Rob Chudzinksi, formerly the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.

New kid on the block:

The new moves around Browns headquarters are probably bigger than the moves on the playing field. They brought in an all-star lineup on coaches – Norv Turner on offense, Ray Horton on defense – and also hired Mike Lombardi, who had been with the team way back when the franchise was moved to Baltimore, to be the GM.

Last year was…

…second verse, same as the first. The 5-11 season was the Browns fifth consecutive with 5 wins or less. And not to pour salt in the wound, but it extends further than that. They’ve only had one winning season (above .500) in the past decade.

Survey says:

The Browns schedule isn’t doing them any favors – in the first month along they face the Dolphins, Ravens, Vikings, and Bengals. They are currently ranked 28th, but don’t count the Browns out just yet. It seems like some well-deserved optimism is brewing.

Author: Beka