Preseason Lowdown : Baltimore Ravens

football, preseason, teams, ravens

football, preseason, teams, ravens

What’s the story? 

The Ravens are the reigning Super Bowl champs, but the team that takes the field on September 5th will barely resemble the team that hoisted the Lombardi trophy last February. If there was a name you recognized on the Ravens roster, chances are he’s no longer there anymore, save for quarterback Joe Flacco, who earned a whole lot of cash money on his new contract. Repeating as Super Bowl champs is a tall order for any team – the Patriots were the last to do it, and that was a decade ago – but it might be even more of a challenge for the newly reshuffled Ravens.

Leader and commander:

John Harbaugh (or the Harbaugh brother who is not likely to be seen doing this).

New kid on the block:

Um, all of them?

Last year was…

…the best a year can be: Super Bowl Champions.

Survey says:

A repeat performance will likely be an uphill climb. On top of losing a whole lot of talent from their roster, Joe Flacco just signed a mega contract, and that can occasionally cause quarterbacks to freak out and try to prove their worth on the field (often unsuccessfully). No reason to sound the alarms yet, but be on the lookout for a season that looks a little different from the last one (even though the last one was unexpected, too).

Author: Beka