Preseason Lowdown : Atlanta Falcons

football, preseason, teams, atlanta

football, preseason, teams, atlanta

What’s the story? 

A bunch of quarterbacks got paid this offseason. Falcons QB Matt Ryan was one of them. He will continue on in his role as the franchise quarterback for the next 5 years, and he’s not the only talented player the on the Falcons roster this season. Atlanta made a big splash in the offseason, moving up in the draft to get corner Desmond Trufant, signing former Rams running back Steven Jackson, resigning many of their most talented players, and perhaps most importantly, getting future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to come back for one more season. The Falcons have a dynamite roster in a division which is liable to explode from potential for greatness.

Leader and commander:

Mike Smith, brother-in-law of Brian Billick.

New kid on the block:

Steven Jackson is the one who is likely to make the most impact, but Brian Banks is by far the most inspirational new player on the Falcons roster. He spent 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and is on his way to making the Falcons roster as a linebacker. Amazing.

Last year was…

…second verse, slightly different than the first. The all of the verses beforehand, too. The Falcons have been the same ever since Matt Ryan came into the league in 2008: they start really strong, look like the team to beat, and then can’t win a playoff game. That changed a little in 2012 when the Falcons won their first playoff game of the Ryan era.

Survey says:

One playoff win wasn’t good enough. The Falcons are going for it all with gusto this year, and it’s reflected in their current 4th place ranking.

Author: Beka