Making The Connection

Theory about connection:

Girls are different than guys. (Don’t worry, that’s not the theory.) Men seem to be content to do things for the sake of doing things. Women need a reason. Women don’t do things they don’t have a connection to.

I’d guess that that’s why a lot of women don’t watch football: there’s no connection. We are busy creatures! We have lots to accomplish in life! And when we have nothing (or everything) left to do, we have Pinterest! So what woman in her right mind would spend 4 hours watching burly men walk back and forth across a field for no apparent reason?

Um, not a one.

That’s why I want to help! Because once football makes sense, you’ll have a connection. And once you have a connection, you’ll just love it.

Maybe even more than Pinterest.

So ladies: let’s talk.


Shout it out in the comments – anything at all. I’ll learn more about it and then post about it in a way that makes sense and is not painful.

I promise!

Let’s make the connection and get this season off to a great start.