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football, resources, app

There are lots of great places to get your football smarts (and I just did a refresh of the Resources page, which we’ll go over in a post at a later date, to put all of my favorites in one place). I was recently introduced to a new one by the guys over at SportSimplified, and I think it’s one you all will be VERY interested in!

FootballSimplified is an app that teaches the basics of football in just a few sentences. (And you all know there’s no way I can produce that kind of brevity over here. I like words way too much for that.) It’s a quick, informative tutorial that will help tremendously as you dive further into the basics and beyond. Especially beyond! The app covers understanding offense and defense, but also covers offensive play calling, a defensive coverage, and kicking formations. Plus, once you are finished with all of the lessons, you can take a quiz to test your new knowledge!

Here’s why I like the app. Let’s say you wanted to learn more about wide receivers. You can learn about their basic function in the Offense lesson:

football, resources, app

Then, once you are set with who the wide receivers are, you can learn more about where they are on the field in the Offensive Formations lesson:

football, resources, app

Not to leave any stone unturned, you can go one step further and learn what a wide receiver might do during a passing play in the Offensive Playcalling lesson:

football, resources, app

Interested in giving it a whirl yourself? You can download the app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire. Also worth checking out: the SportSimplified blog. And for all of you Western New Yorkers out there, I know you’ll be thrilled to hear that they also have a HockeySimplified app, so be sure to check that one out, too.

Thanks to Clayton and the team at SportSimplified for reaching out about this app! You guys are doing a great job!

Author: Beka