Our Training Camp : Week 6 Quiz

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 Ready for another quiz? Here’s Week 6!

1. Which quarterback is nicknamed “Matty Ice”?

  1. Matt Cassel
  2. Matt Hasselbeck
  3. Matt Ryan
  4. Matt Leinart


2. Which other professional sports team was the catalyst for the Panthers coming to Carolina?

  1. The Bobcats
  2. The Hornets
  3. The Knights
  4. The Eagles


3. What does Drew Brees do with his teammates before every game?

  1. Takes them out to lunch
  2. Shakes everyone’s hand
  3. Leads them in a pregame chant
  4. Reviews important notes from the previous day’s meetings


4. True or False: The Bucs have always been an NFC team.

  1. True
  2. False


5. Which team upset the Patriots last weekend?

  1. The Cardinals
  2. The Browns
  3. The Seahawks
  4. The Redskins


6. What was the cause of controversy between the Giants and the Bucs last weekend?

  1. The Giants ran up the score
  2. Greg Schiano wouldn’t shake Tom Coughlin’s hand
  3. The Giants got better calls from the replacement refs than the Bucs did
  4. The Bucs tried to make a move for the ball on the last play of the game when the Giants were in the victory formation


7. One quarter of NFL football is 15 minutes long. What was the elapsed time of the first quarter of the Falcons/Broncos game?

  1. 15 minutes
  2. 27 minutes
  3. 42 minutes
  4. 54 minutes


8. How many teams make it to the playoffs?

  1. 8
  2. 10
  3. 12
  4. 16


9. How are the Wildcard teams selected?

  1. They did not win their division but have the best regular season records remaining
  2. They did win their division and have the best regular season records remaining
  3. They won the first round of Wildcard playoff games
  4. They won the least amount of in-division games


10. True or False: Each team plays the other teams in their division twice every season

  1. True
  2. False