Our Training Camp : Week 4 Quiz

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You’re already a month into this. A MONTH! You’re cruising! Here’s our Week 4 Quiz:

1. When do kickoffs occur?

  1. At the beginning of each quarter
  2. At the beginning of each new possession
  3. At the beginning of each half
  4. At the beginning of the game.


2. After a turnover, the ball is placed:

  1. At the spot where the turnover occurred
  2. At mid-field
  3. On the defense’s 30 yard line
  4. On the offense’s 30 yard line


3. If the ball is caught and downed in the offense team’s endzone during kickoff it’s called a:

  1. Touchdown
  2. Turnover
  3. Touchback
  4. Turndown


4. What is a “down” in football?

  1. A penalty
  2. A flag
  3. A new possession
  4. A chance to move the ball


5. The offense is facing a “3rd and 9” situation. What does this mean?

  1. It’s their 3rd down and they have to move the ball one yard for a new set of downs.
  2. It’s their 3rd down and they have to move the ball nine yards for a new set of downs.
  3. It’s the 3rd quarter and they have nine downs remaining before time runs out.
  4. It’s the 3rd quarter and there are nine minutes remaining before the 4th quarter begins.


6. On 4th down, a team can choose to:

  1. Punt
  2. Kick a Field Goal
  3. Gain yardage by running a play
  4. All of the above


7. John Elway is a former quarterback for the:

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Oakland Raiders
  4. San Diego Chargers


8. The Kansas City Chiefs used to be called the Dallas Texans. Their quarterback for half of the season last year who is now a backup for the Dallas Cowboys. His name is:

  1. Tony Romo
  2. Matt Cassel
  3. Kyle Orton
  4. Jon Kitna


9. The Oakland Raiders temporarily moved to:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Francisco
  3. San Diego
  4. Anaheim


10. True or False: The San Diego Chargers have never been to the Super Bowl.

  1. True
  2. False