Player Profile : Vick Ballard

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I had to look up this kid’s name before I put it in the title of this player profile. That’s how little of a splash the rookie running back made in the draft (170th pick) and in the season so far.

But on Sunday, he scored his first touchdown of the season. And it just so happened to be the winning TD in the Colts overtime victory against the Titans. And it also just so happened to be one of the most amazing touchdown plays you’ll ever see:

Here’s what Ballard had to say about his breakout performance, as per Peter King:

“I knew I was going to dive for the pylon. I did it twice in college and didn’t make it. Once, I fumbled through the end zone. The other time, I got stopped […] just an inch or two away. This time, I knew I couldn’t run to the end zone. I was going to have to dive. When I jumped, somebody hit my legs, and I rolled over in air.

“I know the rule, you hit the pylon without going out of bounds, it’s a touchdown.”

Sure is! And a beauty at that.

Ballard is currently second on the depth chart behind Donald Brown. If he keeps playing like he did in OT on Sunday, he’ll have no trouble keeping that spot or potentially moving up in the ranks.