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football, players, tebow

football, players, tebow

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Even if Tim Tebow never achieves any more success in the NFL than he already has (and for the record: he will), he’s still one of the best players to highlight off the field. We could basically do this feature on him every week for the rest of the off-season and only scratch the surface of what he’s done to impact the lives of others – especially kids.

For most, it’d be enough that he flies a child facing a life-threatening illness in for every game and gives him or her the royal treatment through his W15H Program. But it’s not just for every game, it’s for every game and then some, cumulating in 25 total trips funded by the program.

And that’s only one facet of his Foundation.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is also building playrooms for kids in select children’s hospitals around the world. And why stop at a playroom when you can build a whole hospital? That’s just what he’s doing in the Philippines in partnership with CURE International. TTF also supports orphans and supports those who do things like supporting orphans through the Team Tebow initiative.

But that’s not all! I feel like I’m going into informercial mode here and I’m not even sorry. Because it’s the stuff that he does that isn’t intended to be publicized that makes him a genuine class act. Like calling local high school student Matt Hardy after he was hit by a drunk driver in a crash that killed both his girlfriend and teammate. Or pushing a 7 year old with cerebral palsy around the field during pre-game warmups. Even things like taking the time to get off his plane while it was refueling and surprise the also-tarmac’d  Wichita State Shockers on their plane with an inspirational pep talk.



For even more examples, check out these videos:

Regardless of what happens with his on-the-field future, it’s good to know that Tim Tebow will be doing things like this off-the-field for the rest of his life. And isn’t that something to cheer for? I think so.

Author: Beka