Off the Field : The Asomugha Foundation

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Nnamdi Asomugha has had a rough go of things in Philly, but he’s still a popular name in our house. Not because anyone in my family loves the Eagles, but because back when Nnamdi was the biggest free agent on the market, my mom consistently referred to him as Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister of Israel.

We don’t know why.

But we do know why Nnamdi is popular with a lot of other people.

Seriously…he’s just awesome. Has to be one of my favorite guys in the league. And his foundation does so much for so many, with it’s focus being education:

At the heart of the Asomugha Foundation is the belief that education is essential for success and longevity. Linked to health status and economic security, education is a springboard for innovation and growth across the globe. It is the Foundation’s mission to ensure that those with less means are given the opportunity to obtain a quality education, and thereby transform themselves, their families and communities.

The foundation sponsors ACTS, the Asomugha College Tour for Scholars, which takes high-achieving high school students on college tours around the country. They also run OWIN, Orphans and Widows In Need, to provide economic opportunities for the most vulnerable women and children in Africa, and are working towards building a vocational training center in Africa.

Want to learn more about the foundation? Or help out? Be sure to visit their website for much more information!

Want to learn more about Nnamdi’s story? Check out this story by ESPN’s E:60. It’s a great feature.

Author: Beka