Calling All Normal Girls!

football, normal girls,

football, normal girls, fans

The water cooler is staying in the fridge this week as I was traveling most of yesterday and was unable to write our usual weekend review. A shame, since it was such a wild weekend of football!!! The NFL fully embraced Let It Snow as the song of the day, it seemed. But, we do have something else to talk about! And it is pretty exciting!

Now that we’ve (reluctantly) arrived at the last quarter of the regular season I’m starting to think about our offseason schedule (also reluctantly). My favorite idea so far? Normal Girls. Featuring the normal girls out there who LOVE football in a weekly fan column!

If you are a fan of football – high school, college, NFL, any level! – and would like to be featured as one of our normal girls, send an email to [email protected]. I’ll send you a brief questionnaire and ask you to send along a photo or two of yourself as a fan – at a game, in a jersey, etc – and just other basic info. It’s pretty low maintenance, but it should be fun!

So, who’s in?!

Author: Beka