Review and Preview : Week 7

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On Monday: We reviewed all of the injury-laden activity from Week 7.

On Tuesday: We talked about the controversial call that decided the Jets vs. Patriots game on Sunday afternoon.

On Wednesday: We answered three of your questions about real games.

On Thursday: We broke down the question you didn’t even know you had: the difference between vs. and at.


Normal Girl Game of the Week

Let’s call a spade a spade. Week 8 looks a little sparse as far as wow-factor goes. There isn’t really a marquee matchup, so I’ll vote for the game I have the most vested interest in: Green Bay at Minnesota, or the Greg Jennings reunion game.

Also on the Radar

1. This week we’ll all get to play the guessing game Who’s Under Center? because there are so many quarterbacks either benched or sitting out injured. For all we know, Brett Favre really will be out there on Sunday.

2. The Giants play the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday. The Giants would love another win, especially in-division, and the Eagles would love to break their 9-game losing streak at home. Surprisingly, seeing as how neither of these teams have looked anywhere close to good so far this season, there is lot at stake in this NFC East in this matchup.

3. One would think that the Broncos will easily bounce back from the loss at Indy last week in this week’s home game against the Redskins, but it’ll be an interesting game to keep an eye on all the same.

Author: Beka