Offseason Schedule 2013 : News and Notes

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This week, we’ll be previewing the offseason schedule. You can still expect posts every weekday, a mix of education, information and inspiration, nice people in the comments section, and a reason to hold onto hope: the 2013 season will be here before we know it. Here’s what we’ll be talking about until then:

footballs, newsEven in the offseason, there is always football news to talk about.

Like how Adrian Peterson had his sports hernia repaired. And oh by the way, he had a sports hernia. He played the last half of the season with it but never mentioned it until last week – other than rumblings that he was having some abdominal issues – and said that he definitely wasn’t playing at 100% there towards the end. And yet, somehow, only fell 9 yards short of surpassing Dickerson’s all-time record. With a fully reconstructed knee to boot.

That lends a new definition to “working through adversity,” I think.

We also learned that the Jaguars rebranded.

image via Yahoo

The new jag does look a little more spritely, right?

There’s much more ground that we could cover here – the Gregg Williams rehire, tons of releases and resignings, debate over draft needs – the whole kit and caboodle. Suffice it to say: on Fridays we’ll tie a bow on the week with a wrap up of NFL news of all kinds.

SO…we now have a full offseason schedule!

Monday : Fundamentals

Tuesday : Off the Field

Wednesday : In the Film Room

Thursday : History Lessons

Friday : News and Notes

It’s going to be a great offseason. Can’t wait to get started on Monday!

Author: Beka