News and Notes : 5.31.13

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If you'd like a laugh or two, this edition of News and Notes was made for you.

A short and sweet Five on Friday this week with a bunch of inconsequential news because it’s never a bad idea to end the week on a light note:

  1. RGIII says he wants to continue beating teams with his mind…which makes me feel like he’s been honing his Jedi mind tricks in the offseason.
  2. Nike is selling this. Thoughts? (Personally, I think it’s kind of awesome.)
  3. Quarterbacks are getting skinny! JaMarcus Russell dropped 50, Cam’s down 12, and Tebow is reportedly back to his pre-Jets weight.
  4. Cam must be bummed out about dieting woes (Cam, we understand) because he looks pretty miserable in this video. Luckily, his offensive lineman Jordan Gross is ready to help a brother out with a photobomb appearance. Nicely done, Jordan.
  5. And just in case you had a need to unite your love of the National Spelling Bee with your love of football, the NFL has your back with this feature: 25 hard-to-spell NFL names.

There are other more serious things going on, but again: Friday. Let’s go have a good one.

Author: Beka