History Lesson : Johnny Unitas

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People…I can’t even believe I’ve been depriving you of the film portion of these lessons. Somehow I missed the memo that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has a Youtube channel…so we’ll be picking up the best episodes with a vengeance for the next few weeks as we continue on with our history lessons!

Today we are taking a trip down memory lane with legendary Baltimore Colts quarterback, Johnny Unitas. Get your popcorn ready!

I think my favorite fact about Johnny U was that he was released by the Steelers before the season ever began. It would have been so easy – even logical – for him to call it quits then. Instead, he worked construction during the week to support his family and played quarterback, safety, and punter for a local team on the weekends for $6 a game before going to a Colts tryout with a friend the following year. The Colts signed him…and he remained their quarterback for 17 seasons.

It just goes to show that if you know you are meant to be or do something, no setback in the world is too great to overcome.

Want more Johnny U? Be on the lookout for an upcoming movie – featuring a current Baltimore star – projected to release in 2014.

Author: Beka