What To Know : Week 3

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What to Know: Week 3:

GAME OF THE WEEK: Lots of great contenders here – Jets at Miami, Houston at Denver, Philadelphia at Arizona. But I think my pick for game of the week is New England at Baltimore. Both teams are AFC super powers and both lost ugly games last week – Baltimore to Philadelphia and New England to Arizona – so both teams will be looking for redemption on Sunday night. Both also have 1-1 records, so they’re looking to be on the right side of the win/loss ratio after Week 3.

PLAYER TO WATCH: Wes Welker. He’s a wide receiver for the Patriots, formerly one of their biggest stars, who has seemingly been demoted in favor of their innovative tight end system. The Patriots and Welker have been going through some messy contract negotiations, which might also be lending to Welker’s limited role. And Boston isn’t necessarily the kindest of places when it comes to phasing players out. If Welker still doesn’t receive any meaningful snaps despite Aaron Hernandez (one half of the aforementioned tight end system) being out on injury it could be a sign that his days in New England might be coming to an end.

STORYLINE TO KNOW: I think it’s still the replacement refs. Their performance quality seems to be getting worse rather than better. Hopefully no games have an unfair outcome based on bad calls…and hopefully Ed Hochuli and the gang are able to come back soon!


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