What To Know : Week 14

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Here we go, ladies! Week 14 has arrived:

GAME OF THE WEEK: Houston at New England on Monday night, an AFC battle. This could potentially be a preview of the AFC Championship game. Vegas is taking the Pats, and so are most other predictors, but I think it’ll be a close one.

PLAYER TO WATCH: RYAN GRANT!!! In reality, this is irrelevant to most of you, and, honestly, it could be irrelevant to the Packers, too. But former running back Ryan Grant, cut from the team prior to this season, is coming back to the Pack!!! The Packers signed him on Wednesday after losing yet another running back (James Starks) to injury and let me tell you…I can’t wait to see Grant get on the field ASAP. He’s slated to play on Sunday against the Lions and will surely be anxious to have a great comeback game at home.

We’re so glad you’re back, Ryan!!!

In other news: Big Ben is also scheduled to start for the Steelers after missing three weeks with the dangerous rib injury. He gets to come back against the ailing Chargers, which, honestly, is a gift-wrapped win for the taking. (Sorry, San Diego.)

STORYLINE TO KNOW: Speaking of San Diego, the yearly Norv-Turner-is-out rumors are circulating on cue again. And, once again, the owner is denying them. You can’t help but feel bad for Turner, who has been put through this circus so many times it’s not even considered breaking news anymore. It’s just normal. But I’d be surprised if the firing doesn’t pan out this time; all signs point to a Turner-less San Diego next season.


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