What To Know : After Week 7

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Here’s the important info to know about Week 7 in the NFL:

Who’s Back:

  • Terrell Suggs was back in the lineup for the Ravens. Although unfortunately it didn’t help much in their 13-43 loss to the Texans.
  • Vilma was back for the first time this season for the Saints…possibly for the last time this season if his case is heard and the suspension upheld this week.

Who’s Out:

  • Charles Woodson, Packers Cornerback, broke his collarbone in the 4th quarter of the game against the Rams. This is bad news for the Packers, whose defense has not been stellar so far as it is. Woodson will be out for at least 6 weeks.
  • The Jaguars. Or, at least two of the more effective players on their roster: Blaine Gabbert, QB, likely out for this week, and Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, likely out for awhile with a foot injury.

What’s Good:

  • SO MANY awesome endings. The Jets/Patriots and Jags/Raiders games went into OT simultaneously, while earlier in the day at least four games were decided on the final drive: wins by the Saints, Giants, Titans, Cowboys. Amazing.
  • RG3 vs. Eli. Man, that was a great game – and promises to be a great NFC East matchup for years to come.

What’s Bad:

  • The Panthers, with so much hope invested in Cam Newton, are kind of falling apart. So much so that they just fired their GM. Bad news.
  • I continue to be hopeless in our family fantasy football lead. I didn’t even pick this week…I left it completely to chance: a quarter for the wins/losses and random.org for the confidence points. And I still lost by double digits. It’s like I’ve never seen a football game before.