What To Know : After Week 12

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I found myself saying “OH!” a lot over the weekend. There were a lot of Rossian “OH, wow!” moments and a lot of just plain “OH, dear…” moments, too. Here are a few of the more memorable O-themed moments from Week 12:


As in lack thereof for the Packers. I’m not so enthusiastic about talking about Sunday night’s game (and jokingly refused to serve a Giants fan who came in to Starbucks yesterday…except for that I wasn’t entirely kidding…), but the facts are the facts: Aaron Rodgers was sacked 5 times, but it felt more like 500 times. Even when he wasn’t on the ground, he was rushing to get rid of the ball ASAP. The Packers need Offensive Line help like yesterday…if we’re talking about yesterday a few years ago.

Outstanding Rookies:

RG3 made so many jaw-dropping, spot-on, inconceivable throws on Thursday I don’t even know where to start. He’s not even playing well for a rookie…he’s playing well for anyone. Wow. Just wow.


Eight turnovers against the Browns, Pittsburgh? Even with Ben out, that’s just bad football. Head coach Mike Tomlin said it best: It doesn’t matter who your quarterback is; if you turn the ball over eight times, you’re going to lose the game. True story, Mike. True story.


The Jets season. You know things are bad when the opposing team scores three touchdowns in the span of 52 seconds (including the now infamous butt fumble), but things are just plain ugly when superfans start quitting on you.


Ndamukong Suh took matters into his own hands…or feet…when he kicked Texans QB Matt Schaub in the groin while getting up from a tackle. This brought back memories of last year’s Thanksgiving day game against the Packers and the “stomp” play. Both of which, according to Suh, were accidental. We’ll let the tape speak for itself.

Anyone else? Memorable moments from this weekend’s slate of games? Shout ’em out!