Top 10 Memorable Moments of 2012 : Part I

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football, games, moments, part IIt’s time.

Time to start wrapping up the season.

Before we close the books on 2012, let’s take a look back at the moments that made the season so great. And really, wasn’t it a great season? I think it was one of my favorites.

Not all of these are big-ticket moments. Not all of them will leave a lasting impression on the history of the game. But when I think back on 2012, these are the moments I’ll remember the most:

10. Let’s start things off on a lighter note. The Dolphins had their fair share of unfortunate moments over the course of the season, but perhaps the most unfortunate was when the sprinklers went off in the middle of the third quarter of the Seahawks at Dolphins game. Really, this clip never gets old. It’s like something out of a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

9. And one more…just because it’s too good. It’s one thing for the players to let the team down on the field. It’s another for the fans to let the players down in the stands…literally. Come on, Buffalo! The least you can do is catch your man in the stands.

8. Every season, there are a handful of wild, unexpected wins that just make you feel good. My favorite of the year had to be when the Colts came roaring back to beat the Packers in Week 5. I never thought I’d say that one of my favorite moments of the year was a Packers loss, but watching the tenacity of a team inspired by the overwhelming desire to win for their absent head coach…it was really something special. Second favorite? The Charlie Batch win. A comeback victory after a terrible loss the week prior for one of the league’s best backups in what may have been his last game. Wow. It’s why we love football.

7. Another one of those special moments – Torrey Smith’s huge game just hours after finding out that his brother had died in a tragic motorcycle accident. The video linked above, from ESPN’s piece on Torrey Smith during their Super Bowl pregame programming, will change your day for the better. What a story.

6. Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice Up The Middle. On a 4th and 29, Ray Rice busted up the Chargers defense and ran right up the gut to eventually win the game and keep the Ravens playoff hopes alive. Aside from the inhuman feat of converting on a 4th and 29, this was the moment for the Ravens. From this point on, they set the tone for an unexpected, unbelievable Super Bowl run.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!

Author: Beka