Player Profile : Vick Ballard

I had to look up this kid’s name before I put it in the title of this player profile. That’s how little of a splash the rookie running back made in the draft (170th pick) and in the season so far.

But on Sunday, he scored his first touchdown of the season. And it just so happened to be the winning TD in the Colts overtime victory against the Titans. And it also just so happened to be one of the most amazing touchdown plays you’ll ever see:

Here’s what Ballard had to say about his breakout performance, as per Peter King:

“I knew I was going to dive for the pylon. I did it twice in college and didn’t make it. Once, I fumbled through the end zone. The other time, I got stopped […] just an inch or two away. This time, I knew I couldn’t run to the end zone. I was going to have to dive. When I jumped, somebody hit my legs, and I rolled over in air.

“I know the rule, you hit the pylon without going out of bounds, it’s a touchdown.”

Sure is! And a beauty at that.

Ballard is currently second on the depth chart behind Donald Brown. If he keeps playing like he did in OT on Sunday, he’ll have no trouble keeping that spot or potentially moving up in the ranks.

Have FUN Today!

Reason #723 why we love team sports and the fun people who play them:

photo credit : Josh Sitton

They remind us never to take life too seriously.

Greg Jennings may be struggling to get back on the field after a nagging groin injury (for which he will soon undergo surgery), but he was quick to get back at teammate James Jones after Jones filled his car with packing peanuts on Jennings’ birthday last month. Jennings returned the favor by removing the tires on Jones’ Chevy¬†Avalanche…and giving it a new paint job.

Just a little reminder to have some fun today. Whether you are defacing your friends’ property or doing something less destructive, ENJOY life today! You’ll feel so much better if you do!

D.J. Williams : Cow Wrestler

Let’s end this weekend on a fun note:

The 4th string tight end usually isn’t a guy on the roster you know too well. But this season, whenever I hear D.J. Williams’ name, I’ll remember him.

Because he’s the cow wrestler.

On Friday, the Green Bay Packers tight end told reporters that he wrestled cows during the offseason as an entertaining way to improve his strength and, of course, impress the ladies.

“That works out real good, especially if you get them with the baby calf; they’re really aggressive,” Williams said, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “That really helped. It starts out as cow-tipping but once they start charging, you have to go to defense mode.”

You can read the full article here at Love it.