The 12 Posts of Playoffs : 6 Points Per Touchdown

football, basics

football, basics, playoffs, touchdown


Here is possibly the biggest football misconception in existence: touchdowns are worth 7 points.

In a true or false test, that would be false. Because it is.

Touchdowns are worth 6 points!

Here’s the deal: when a touchdown is scored, the team that scored the touchdown gets another play to tack more points on to the touchdown. Most choose to kick an extra point, a kicking play kicked from the 2-yard line. Almost always, it’s a sure bet because a kick at the distance is a chip shot for an NFL kicker. Thus, most teams earn 7 points from most touchdowns.

But there is another option for scoring after touchdowns. The scoring team can opt to try a 2-point conversion. Instead of kicking an extra point from the 2-yard line, they can try to get the football into the end zone (by running or passing – just like a touchdown) from the 2-yard line. If they do, they earn 2 points, and in that case, the entire touchdown transaction would be worth 8 points.

But a touchdown in and of itself? That’s always worth 6 points.

How is a touchdown scored in the first place? Good question!

touchdown is scored when one team gets the football into the other team’s end zone. If the football is entering the end zone by a running player, the football has to cross the goal line and be inside of the pylons to count as a touchdown.

(Goal LinePylon? Say what? Check out this post.)

If the football is being caught in the end zone by a receiver, the receiver must have two feet down in-bounds and have full control of the ball for it to count as a touchdown.

There are other ways to score, but the touchdown is the king of them all.

Author: Beka